Saturday, 27 September 2008

Well, you really would think.....

That I had been so very busy to be doing postings on here but really, I havn't!

Well, I did have one adventure, I went to Mummy Jane's and the room with no ceiling for 6 days! 6 whole days! Mama and Daddy went to somewhere called France, though I guess it's pretty tiny there because Mummy Jane kept putting a black box with buttons to my ear and I could hear her voice every day. I don't know how she fitted in that box but that's where they were.

I had a super time with Mummy Jane, I learnt I can get to the room with no ceiling all by myself if I hop out the door. Mummy Jane let me come and go as I pleased and I had alot of fun making her smile with binkies. Unfortunately there are no pictures bacuse for some reason Mama thought it would be better to take it to tiny France.

I have a new favourite place, under Mama's feet when she is sitting at the table. I don't even chew the wires, see?

Mama says I am like a puppydog but I don't know what one of those is.

Although I don't chew these wires, I noticed Mama got a new phone and stupidly left the new charger wire across where I sleep so I snipped it in half with my teefs! Mama was mad but she says it is her own fault for not doing thinkings. Quite right too! I'm Number One Bun, okay!!

Mama is feeling a little sad because she went to hospital yesterday. She is having her tests again. She has to go back to school on Monday and she is very worried. She won't go in for long because this bunny wants company! She did a very silly thing earlier, she was excited because there was guinea pigs on the telly... she ran out the bedroom and kicked her foot hard on the hoover. Her foot is bruised and bloody and swollen. I did sniffings to make it better but Mama still needed some magic cream to stop her eyes leaking.

Mama thought it would be funny to make look like an ornament. Do I look like I'm enjoying myself?? I think not. Stoopid hoomins.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Long time, no post!

Not alot has been happening in Casa Carlton Jamal lately, it has been raining and raining and raining which has made everyone grumpy! Daddy has a cold and his nose has gone red, he looks so funny!

I've worked out where Mama keeps the hay stash and I've been caught helping myself a couple of times, drat!

Mama says I've grown into a big boy because I have no done any sofa pees in a long time. I do believe I've marked it enough but don't tell her I may do it again if too many hoomins sit on my sofa!

I'm king of the castle with my Maze Haven! I've been having great fun in it while it's been wet outside.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Uncle Simon's again?

We went to see Uncle Simon again yesterday, he played the pinching game again but he gave me lots of cuddles so I didn't mind! He said I'm a lovely fluffball. Mama said I had a VHD injection but I don't remember seeing any needles, I think she is lying. Mummy Jane picked us up to go to the vets and a lady in a uniform said she would shut the door as Mama was struggling with me in a carrier. She popped her face infront of mine and started saying how beautiful I was. Well, I do know that but thank-you anyway, I said. I eyed her up suspiciously, her uniform has reflective bits on. Mama said she was a traffic warden, whatever that is. Mama said to check she didn't give us a sneaky ticket while she cooed over me, tee hee!

We went to Mummy Janes after and had some lovely grasses. It started to do wet from the sky but I don't mind so much. Mama was a bit worried so put a brolly up to protect me from the wet.

Someone in the sky started shouting so Mama said I better come inside. I have found a favourite new place, Mummy Jane's laptop case! I snuggled right down for a sleepy.

Spit The Cat The Bunny got Mama back for her mean trick the other day. She went to get a drink and he said "you move, you lose hoomin"! I was sitting under the table laughing! She had to balance on the edge of the chair to use the computer.

I've been on my bestest behaviour, I havn't done bitings on Daddy since last time!

Monday, 1 September 2008

Someone left the shower on in the room with no ceiling!

I don't know what was happening today but outside was SO wet and it was coming from the sky. I have seen this before. Mama and Daddy take their fur off in the bathroom before getting in the wet so I know what it was but this was the biggest amount of wet I'd ever seen! I managed to find one dry spot behind the shed where I sat in a grump for a while. I thought maybe Mama was trying to be sneaky and give me one of those awful foot washes in the room with no ceiling. After a while I assumed this wasn't her plan and began to enjoy the wet. It makes the grass taste very nice.

On Friday night, Daddy and myself stayed home without Mama, she went camping in Mummy Jane's garden with one of her brothers. Daddy and I went the next day and Mama looked so very tired! She was very cross because something she called a "tart" came into the garden looking for Spit The Cat The Bunny. She was mewing and mewing and Spit was asleep with Mama's brother. Mama saw the "tart" come in the tent! Spit went "HHIIIIIISSSSS" and chased her out! Mama watched as The Tart sat on the patio and they stared each other out. Mama thought nothing was going to happen.... but a big fight broke out. Mama says she wanted rudies (what is rudies?) but Spit is cas-tray-teed so didn't know what she wanted... all he knew is he had to defend his territory! They had a BIG fight and Mama said the noise was awful. She never heard fighting so bad.... The Tart wouldn't go away either so Mama had to chase her away. There was ALOT of The Tart's fur about the garden and Spit had some scratches. Mama is very cross that this cat has not been fixed - she says it is very unresponsible of the owners. She is crossing the main road to come here and is waking the neighbours with her noise.

Anyway, Mama was doing mouth makes and they took her so long! I was out playing in the dark for a long time! It was so much fun! We went home at 11.30pm, way past my bedtime. We went back to Mummy Jane's this morning and that's when I saw the outside wet!

Look at my wet feet! I must say, they sure were clean when I dried off!

Mama finished her mouthmakes, they looked real good! She did them for a friend who started a night called "Medicine". That looks like a medicine that I would like to eat!!

After the bakings, Mama, Daddy and Otis palyed a game called "How Many Items Can You Put On A Sleeping Cat" ...... they was laughing and laughing like stupid children. If anybun did that to me, I would bite them! Mama lost when he woke up after she tried to put a fish tank net on him. He didn't mind though, he went back to sleep!

Speaking of biting.... I did a naughty. I don't know what came over me. Daddy and I were having a cuddle and his finger just looked so tasty.... I had to have a nibble. Daddy yelped and told me off. It looks like I really did hurt him.

I'm very sorry. I hope he forgives me. I don't know what I'd do if I was grounded and wasn't allowed my veggies.