Thursday, 31 July 2008

Well, it's been too hot....

...... for adventures but it has cooled down today. It's been crying from the sky today, Mama says she likes the rain. It makes her feel like she's missing out less when the weather is bad. Mama got up early for the Doctors so I set about stripping some cardboard to keep myself occupied. Daddy was chasing me around grabbing the moulting tufts from my bumbum. I love making him run around.

Mama came home and we got right down to some housework, there was so very much to be doing. Busy, busy, busy. Mama got the mechanical grooming machine out and I directed where she needed to groom. All of my playmats needed doing so i told her to do those. Mama also cleaned the bathroom floor because..... erm..... I couldn't be bothered to run to my litter tray so I piddled in the corner. There were piddly footprints that Mama needed to clean. I tried to help but Mama said my feets is all wrong for cleaning floors. I jumped on her back and watched events from above.

Mama said we needed to get the dust bunnies from under the bed.... BUNNIES!!! I raced down and skidded under the bed.... I saw no bunnies. :-( Mama did lie. I kept looking but couldn't see.

Mama hasn't taken any other pictures of me to put on my blog! Silly hoomins been too busy making hoomin mouth makes. She was very pleased.

Mama says they look like eye screams. What are eye screams?

Mmmmmmm, it's nearly pellet time, must dash! x

Monday, 28 July 2008

"I am very upset with you Carlton!"

This is what Mama said to me this afternoon. She had given the sofa covers a special machine wash to get them nice and clean..... but they didn't smell of me anymore! So I managed to sneak up and pee on both sofas in less than 24 hours! Tee hee! I do feel a little bad because I made Mama do a little cry because she had to wash and scrub the sofa and it is so hot here it was making her body cry through the armpits..... she had to have another shower.

Daddy came home and did a cross face, I thought I was in real trouble. He went back out and came back with a present for me! Can you believe it? I was naughty and got a reward! Would you like to see what I got?

well, I don't really know what it is, it sure looks pretty and makes some strange noise.... but you know what, it make me so much cooler in this heat! It's been great! Here is me enjoying the breeze on my bumbum, Mama says it's funny that I always stick my bum towards the cold!

You can see where the breeze has made me look like a baldie slap! :-D

Mama let the orange furry out tonight, she is such a pain touching my toys and getting in my hay box. I think I hate her, especially when she takes Mama's attention away from me. *thump*

Mama even pointed the silver box at her, that's MY silver box for making pretty pictures of ME! *double thump*

Look at her playing with my toys without asking!

That's better, playing with her own toys!

Mama calls the orange furry Butters because when she was a baby she was so very cute she thought it would be funny to give her a name that meant "ugly". I think she really is butters.... compared to me!

p.s. It was Beatrix Potter's birthday yesterday. she wrote lots of books, some were to do with bunnies! I will get Mama to read to me later. Goggle dedicated their logo to her for the day! How exciting! Maybe I will be famous enough one day to have my own Google dedicated logo!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Oh my, it really is too hot!

It has been so hot here, Mama has been cooling my ears with a flannel. It's so enjoyable, you really must try it.

She also made me a big iceypop which I have enjoyed snuggling up too, it has kept my bumbum nice and cool!

Last night I really got my teeth in my cawwit patch toy, I was pulling up the cawwits and Mama was putting them back for me to pull up again, it was so much fun!

Mama says I have made a real mess of it already!

I've spent most of the day under the sofa with an icey bottle, it's too hot for binkies and fridge begging!

Mama did some more hoomin mouth makes, I think they are the best she has done so far!

Yummy in my eyes! But, sadly, not my tummy. :-(

Friday, 25 July 2008

Well, it's been quite a day!

This evening the hoomins went out to do the shopping, I had my paws crossed for plenty of coriander and basil. They really are my most favouritist of foods. I would eat them all day if I could!

Anyway, the hoomins came back and Mama said I have something for you and put this down.

Now I love my cardboard boxes, they make the bestest noise when i tear them with my teef, but i was less than impressed considering how excited Mama was about it.

Them Mama took these out of it!!

Well, I had no idea what they were but i sure was excited at this point!

Mama gave me the round thing...

So I decided to check it out, I gave it a nibble, it was okay I suppose. Then she gave me the other thing and that was alot more interesting, it took me ages to marks everything with my chin...

It's nice, isn't it? I don't really know what it is to be honest. I ended up tearing an old egg carton up and Mama asked my why I wasn't playing with my new toys. I don't know! The egg box was more fun right now! I did say thank-you, see!

"Thanks, Mama!"

To be honest, it was so warm today, it was difficult to do anything, I'll probably be more playful tomorrow if it's not so warm.

I think I'll just settle down and read for the rest of the night...

I love to read with my eyes!

Mama has been doing more hoomin mouth makes. she did a magic cupcake of my mates Bobbin and Roo, look!

I was a bit sad that she didn't make me but she said that the icing went to gloop when she tried to make black so couldn't do it. I understand now. She said she will get some bits to make the icing not go gloopy.

She made some other ones with sprinkles... she ate one and what she doesn't know is that a sprinkle fell to the floor and I snarfed it up! Delicious in my mouth! Now I just need to get to the cupcakes!! Does anybody have a bunny ladder?

Thursday, 24 July 2008

I has an imposter!

Auntie Donna showed me this!! Can you believe it!

He is not even as handsome as me! I had peoples worried that I really did do a run away! I assure you, each and everybun, that I'm still at home. These hoomins don't take care of themselves you know!

Mama did some more mouth makings last night, they smelled so good in my nose but I still wasn't allowed a tasty treat! I did get some cawwit though, that was very nice.

I've been having a lazy few days, Mama took some rather unflattering photos that I am not happy about.

But I have a new favourite place to sleep and hide. It is very comfy under the hoomins sofa, they put a carpet tile under there especially for me. Now I can spy on the hoomins without them knowing. Havn't I got lovely chocolately eyes? I was all laid out and comfy but Mama got on the floor with her silver box so I sat up quick sharp!

Mama also managed to get a lovely picture of my hairstyle on my head. I have an extra fluffy tuft that Mama loves oh-so-much, she likes to play with it when we snuggle. It looks like it's been crimped, see?

I've always had that crimped bit and Mama has no idea why. What she doesn't know is I sneak in the spare room and use her crimpers! Haha!!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

I've had to be very seep-poor-tive...

Daddy has been doing some very sad times since Saturday, somebun hurt his car and tore off its ear. :-( Mama hasn't even seen it to take a photo so it must be bad. Daddy has to pay a man alot of cawwits to get it fixed with cosmetic surgery tomorrow. He has only had the car for 3 weeks and has worked so very hard in his job to be able to have a nice car to take me to the vets in. Daddy is so upset that he has been talking about us moving. Wowwee! I never lived anywhere else before.... except Uncle Richard's in the daytime! Daddy wants off road parking (what's that?) because he is always worried about someone pulling the ears on car. Poor Daddy. I have been giving him extra love and snuggles and tried not to bite his favourite jeans too much..... it's been hard!!

Daddy says things to do with The Secret will have to be put off for a while.... I still don't know what this stupid secret is! This made Mummy sad and she even did a cry to me so i must be something she was really looking forward too.

When I visited Mummy Jane's last week, there was a little girl called Amy-Louise who was so pretty like a princess and with hands so soft I let her stroke me. She drew me a picture I would like to share with you. I love it so much I showed my app-ree-cee-ay-shun with my teefs!

Mama says my per-sin-ally-tee has really been changing lately and I am growing up into a feisty young man. Did I tell you I learnt to growl?! Daddy was being really very annoying in my face and was stroking me in a way I didn't like so out of nowhere I did a big growl!! I felt so grown up! It sure shocked Daddy into leaving me alone! I have only growled once since.... I found the hamster in my hay and was not happy one bit. She has avoided me every since. I am The Boss!!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

I does require my lawyer!

On Sunday I was set up, I swears it!!

Daddy was doing a big clean (I know when he does a big clean, everything goes on the sofa and there's no room for weeing) and while he was busying himself with the mechanical groomer they call the hoover, I found this on the floor

It was my treat bag! Well it sure did make my tummy rumble, let me tell you! I pushed it around for a while and decided wether I should go for the kill and eat the lot or be a good boy and tell Daddy what had fallen on the floor. Just as I decided it was best to be honest, Daddy found me! "Carlton, you little naughty!", he said! I hadn't done anything!! "You naughty monkey stealing food", he went on but I swears I didn't nibble a few of those tasty treat, I pwomise! The hole was already there! If only there was CCBunTV! They sure did look tantilising, smelling all delicious and asking me to eat them....

I think that because I am an efnic bunneh, Daddy thinks I must be GUILTY! Can you believe it? Daddy, racist against his own ethnic bunny!

I was placed in prison for 30 minutes! Can you believe it? Daddy said it was because he couldn't trust me while he hoovered other places but I know it was punishment and I was not pleased!!

Look at my face!!

Daddy and me had been having such a nice time too, he was grooming me for ages, see -

How could he accuse me of such crimes??

I might ask Alvin if I can go and live with him, I don't think I can love Daddy anymore. :-(

News has even reached lolbunnies, how will I ever get over these accusations?!

Monday, 14 July 2008

I really have had the bestest of all the days!!

Today Mama said we were going on an adventure and bought in my carrier.... I thought "yay, we're going to see Uncle Simon at the vets!" so I jumped straight in and snuggled into the towel and munched on some tasty hay.

It was the fist time i went in Daddy's new car! It is so super shiny and new, I felt uber cool as a passenger! Daddy said it is a Bee Em Double-You and it stands for Black Mans Wheels which makes sense because Daddy is a man and I am black! :-D

Anyway, when it came to us stopping I didn't know where we were! I was taken into somewhere and all these smells went in my nose that I did not recognise! Mama set me down and let me out, there were so many feet and I admit I was a bit scared but I was brave and started to explore.

I saw this big shiny box with bubbles in and different colours moving about, I never seen one of these things before! Mama said it was a fishtank.... i'm going to google it later because I didn't understand.

Then Mama scooped me up and we went into another room and it was really big! And it had no ceiling!! It was the most crazy thing I have seen in a long time and I've seen some crazy things in my time, let me tell you!

She put me down and it was so soft under my feet, so colourful and smelt so sweet! I couldn't resist a nibble and it tasted delicious! I couldn't help myself, i was munching and crunching for so long! It was so sunny too and my fur was lovely and warm! It's the best place I've ever been, I wish Mama had a room like that.

Then, in my eyes, I saw a dark shape, the same colour as me! A bunny with uppy ears and long long legs! Mama said his name was "Spit The Cat" (what a rubbish name for a bunny!) and I went to say hello and he runned away! How rude! This happened all day, he kept running away like a big stupid dumb! I didn't want to play anyway, I was having too much fun doing binkies!

This was just before we met, I don't know why he went all fat all of a sudden! Like a puffer fish Mama says! She says this video is better viewed on youtube where you can choose a "high quality" option. Whatever that means!

Mama had that stupid silver box out so I was careful not to do binkies when she held it! I did so many big binkies and crazy runs, I just couldn't help myself!

She said she couldn't stop laughing at how my ears flapped when I was bouncing around. I have to admit, it is rather cute, isn't it? This one is better viewed in high quality too.

I met so many hoomins! I saw Mummy Jane (Mama's Mummy) and Mama's brothers and some other people too. I made sure i said hello to everyone but really all I wanted to do was dance and sing and munch!

Here is me and Spit The Cat the bunny.

I think he wanted to be friends but was just shy.

It started to get colder and a bit dark so Mama took me inside and we wrapped up in a big snuggly blanket to watch Top Gear. Well, I wanted to watch it but I was so worn out from my busy day and so super snuggly with Mama that i couldn't help but go to dream land!

After Top Gear, Mama said it was hometime so I jumped in my carrier after giving kisses to Mummy Jane and Mama's brothers and we came home. I've been stretched out for the rest of the evening with a smile on my face. Mama said as I enjoyed it so much she would make it a regular adventure, yay!

Look, Spit The Cat stole some yoghurt from Mama's brother! What a mess!

I've never seen a bunny with a tail so long!

Night everyone, I'm pooped! xx

Saturday, 12 July 2008

I've Been Very busy Doing Some Most Importants!

Mama has been keeping me entertained with silly cardboard sculptures so I decided to do some big mans work with them....

I'm very good aren't I?

She's been driving me a bit mad today with her silver picture box, she just doesn't quit! She's all up in my face like I'm a performing seal or something.

She does get some good videos of me at my bestest though! I do like to watch myself and think about how handsome I am. I'm handsome, aren't I? Go on, admit it! You know you do! I do have to remind myself that the camera puts on 10 pounds otherwise I'll give myself a bunny complex and start having self-bunsteem tissues.

Mama has been making some more hoomin mouth makings, she says they are for a friend what graduated from big school. They look so super yummy but I don't know what a "scroll" is.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Slow progress.

So Mama has been working on the room that she says I'll be banned from soon, I took some pictures to show her progress. She had to start by putting the draws in the bedroom, it is squishy small in there now.

Isn't she a stupid messy artist with all her stupid junk that I have to go around marking!

She did manage to make it look real good for now. It is even tidier than that now.

She says there is loads more to do but she's been poorly and unable to do things like a normal hoomin.

She still won't tell me what it's all about. She says it's a see-kret, what's one of thems?! I'm going to have to do some detective work!

Well, really, I'm not impressed!

Last night Mama ignored me for so long that I hate to resort to biting her ankles!

Do you know what she was doing? She was on a forum called Happy Hoppers. I said "Mama, what is Happy Hoppers?"

She said, "it is a place where people that are owned by bunnies like to get together and talk about bunny adventures."

It sounds great! She said there are people on there who have lots of knowledges in their brains and they all help each other with kwe-shtuns they might have about bunnehs. They like to help people with anything they need to know about. I know Mama wants to know how long a moult takes because all my hair is tickling her nose and making her sneeze some! Tee hee.

I have to say it does look very warm and welcoming and I might sneak on when my two foots have gone to bed!

Happy Hoppers

I will say though, I'm not keen on Mama going "AAAHHHHH" and "WEEEEE" over other peoples bunnies, I'm the Number One Bun and she better not forget that! *thump*

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

I knowed what my teefs is for now!!

I've been driving my hoomins just crazy! I learned-ed what my little sharp teefs is for.... BITINGS!!

I have been busy busy busy chomping through just about anything I can get my paws on and Daddy is particularly fed up with my naughtiness! I just can't get enough of his Diesel jeans, I just loves the taste of expensive denim.

See here's what I have nibbled with my teefs...

The last fing that I chewed made my teefs fizzy so I decided to stop chewing for a while and just have some nice rests in my hay box.

Silly Mama touched the bit white root I was munching and it made her fingers go fizzy too. She said I must stop chewing as I will hurt myself and I told her to stop putting delicious tempting chewable objects in my eye seeing ways and I won't do it! Silly hoomins, they don't know nuffinks!

Mama says I have the most beautifullist of eyeballs, the colour of tasty chocolate that I'm not allowed to eat, rubbish! Look at my lubbly eyes!

I'm off to look for tasty things to chew! Toodles!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Mama did a finish of her makings!!

Do you know what it is? Do you?! I DO!!

It's me! But made in a doll way!! I've been pushing it around and hoping Carlton Doll would play chase with me but Mama says he is not a real bunny. that made me a bit sad.

Don't you think he's handsome? I do! Looks just like me, especially with the hair! I have a funny tuft that Mama plays with and puts in crazy styles.

Mama did some different makings tonight, she did mouth makings. Hoomin mouth makings so I wasn't allowed to try any of it! *thump!*

But she did drop a couple of tiny choccy-lit bits and I snarfed them up as quick as I could! Mama was chasing me away saying "you will get tummyache" but I know I won't.... it would be worth it anyway, the flavours were so nice in my mouth!

She made some cakes for Uncle Richard's birthday, we will give them to him tomorrow. I hope he likes them.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Bobbin said I do-ed getted it WRONG!

He said it is Milton Keynes, not Milk And Cheese!! Teehee, I think I need to get Mama to clean out my ears!

Daddy has been busy making a website for some hoomins and Mama has been making some magic! She had a magic machine that makes fabric stick together, it was amazing in my eyes. She said, "do you want to see what a bobbin looks like?" like I never seed Bobbin before! He is a handsome boy with fur that is some different colours..... but she showed me this little round thing that did spin spin spin reeeeeal fast to put cotton on. She must have eaten too much red pepper, she was being a mental! Bobbin is a bunny not a little plastic thing you feed to the fabric sticking together machine!! Stoopid hoomin!

Look, she showed this to my eyes!

Whatever it was, it had ears and hair just like mine!

Mama said I could do some helpings with her, she gave me a pile of fabric to sort for her. I was very good and sorted them into piles, throwing them about with my little scissor teeth. She said I did very good and that I must be careful not to jump on the sofa because she was doing makes with pins and needles.

She did more snippings with scissors and grumbling and stitching and then she showed it to me again. Look!

I was laughing and laughing! Those eyes are just too big! She said she is going to do more snipping and will finish the face tomorrow. She hasn't actually told me what it is yet but I think it sure looks handsome, whatever it is!

I have been practicing my drawing and thought I would show Mama how good I am. I'm sad to say, she wasn't impressed with my graffiti style drawing. I can't imagine why?

I think I'm real good at drawing. Maybe Mama feels threatened because I'm a better artist than her!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

I do a-polly-gise...

... I've been so busy getting up to so much naughtiness that i havn't had time to do my blog!

There's just not enough hours in a busy bunnies day.

Mama spent Sunday evening fretting about a dress she had bought and had no shoes to match... I've seen how many shoes Mama has, I tried to count them once and it made me dizzy! I can't imagine she really had no shoes to match, I'm sure she was just making a fuss like silly hoomins girls do.

I've been doing many weewees on the sofa, much to my delight and Mama's dismay! She says she is going to get me a toilet for the sofa.... pah! I will just push it off and go peepee as usual!

On Tuesday there was alot of fuss and bother in the house, Mama was frantically straightening her hair and painting her face with crayons. She put that peach powder on again, she smelt so lovely!

Then Mama and Daddy said they would be going out for a few hours... a few hours! What about me?! They said they were going to a wedding. Daddy's Daddy was getting married to a hoominlady which means it was a family affair... so why was i not invited? I am part of the family after all! They must all be racist towards ethic bunny. I understand. It's a hard life being a black bunny, sometimes you feel like the whole world is against you.

I did some redecorating in the bedroom and made it look super.

Mama and Daddy got home and said they had a lovely time, she showed me photos.

I like this one, Daddy says Mama looks like a beautiful butterfly princess *bleurgh*

There's some other people in that picture too but I couldn't care less who they are because I wasn't there.

Mama just told me there was no cawwits there so I probably wouldn't have enjoyed myself. I'm glad I didn't go now.

Mama left her bag on the floor while she had a shower, I smelled nice things in my nose so I went to investigate.... I found a narna!! I gobbled and slurped and chomped and chewed.... until Daddy found me and confiscated it! *thump!* I know I can eat a whole narna so why not let me?!

nomnomnom!! tasty tasty narna!

Because of Mama's poorly, she hasn't had a very good couple of days, she told me "the wedding really took it out of me". What does that mean? Did they take some of her insides out at the wedding? I don't understand. She has been doing lots of sleeping and whinging and annoying me but I still pretend to love her because she makes me tasty salads.

She hasn't been able to talk to her bunny friends because she is too poorly but she thinks she will be back soon with all her crazy silliness.

To finish, here is a picture Daddy sneaked to me, see how ugly Mama is!!! UUUUGGGLLYY!!