Monday, 11 August 2008

I finks I is going to POP!!

I have filled my tummy with the most delicious grass in the Room With No Ceiling! I can hardly move!

Mama and I had a lazy weekend, Daddy went to play his drums at a festival and Mama was doing sad faces so we spent alot of time having extra snuggles on my big mat. I said she could even share my hay but she said she wasn't hungry.... she really must have been sad, how could she ever refuse yummy hay otherwise?!

We had fun building with cardboard and I did the decorating with my teefs!

Daddy came home and Mama was so excited! I was too, I couldn't help but cover him in bunny kisses!

He was a bit stinky when he got back but Mama put him in one of those horrible bath things. She filled it up so high, I would have been scared if I was him, I don't even like the little bit of water Mama uses in the bath for a foot wash for me! He was very brave though, us men have to be!

Today was a nice day at Mummy Jane's, I played in the Room With No Ceiling for a long time and even Spit The Cat The Bunny came to play, we even had a kiss! You can see it in this video.

I did lots of runnings around which was great, Mama and Daddy were laughing so much at my funny antics. I do like to entertain. Mama's mummy says I am like a "little lawnmower" and she likes that I try and keep her grass short for her.

There is a hoomin with a blog about Ottoman's... I have one of those!! You can read her blog here. She has bunnies too, hooray! Here is me on mine! It belonged to Daddy's Grandparents and is stuffed with straw! Daddy says it comes from a time called "The Seventies".... was that very long ago? Like last week?

Mama took this nice picture of Spit the CatBunny. I was a bit cross with him this afternoon, Mama had gone into the house for so long and I was getting bored and lonely....

......Then she came out and showed me this picture! She was stuck underneath the fat bumbum CatRabbit for an hour! The CatBunny is trying to steal my Mama!

Mama was apologetic and made this nice video of me dining on a fine dandelion! Nomnomnom!

Time for a sleepy! Toddles hoomins and everybun!!


d. moll, said...

Whew, you are leading a very busy life, Carleton. Between the pics and two videos we have almost finished our tea and eaten all the scones and the greens too......We love the way your furs on the top of your little black head fluffles in the winds, how do you do that?

PJ said...

I don't know if I could keep up with you. You have the most busiest of lives. And such adventures. It's too bad about that stoopid cat but really, they can't be avoided so I think the little smoochy you gave kitty was a good investment. Your cred with your mum and dad went up and I think you're absolutely guaranteed more tasty treats.

Ippo said...

Carlton! I wish I can go to the room with no ceiling. Looks fun!

Ludo van puppy said...

Wow Carlton, what a fun time. I would be very scared of all them whirring clothes. You are one brave bunnydog!

Louis said...

That Dandelion Looks Yummy - Shame You Ate It =P

Anonymous said...

Ooh, love your little ethnic bum!!

I don't think Spit the Cat the Bunny can ever steal your momma away from you, you're so much more charming (but don't tell Spit I said that!)

The Bunns said...

Whew too ... you are mighty long winded little fellow. Ever think of politics????

Alvin said...

Carlton what have they done to your mama covering her in juicy wires? did she not tell them you already love her and dont need treats growing off her :)

my mum said to give your mama a hug and she hope the wires make her better... strange woman she is wires is for eating not making people better.. grrrr