Sunday, 24 August 2008

We sended present to ethnic Roo!

So Mama and I have been working on a little secret since Roo and his hoomin Mummy sent me a potty to go peepee in (Mama says I was lifting my bumbum too high and dribbling over the edge, how embarrassing!). See me enjoying private toilet time!

We spent lots of time doing and making and I kept sending Mama to get different coloured threads and felts for our spectacular makings! Mama sent it on the wind all the way to Roo!

Here are the pictures of Roo deciding how best to open the parcel.... "best leave it the hoomin"

ooh, a present! and a card!

A package that smelt nice in Roo's nose!

It was a package of nummy's! I put in some of my favourite things for my mouth. Herbs Plus, Coneflower, Gingko Plus, Dried Unsweetened Pineapple, some Bunny Biscuits!!

Roo got straight down to munching a delicious biscuit! Nomnomnom!

And the bestest thing, a Roo doll! It looks just like him, right down to the grey carpet feets!

Mama and I are very proud of our makings and are glad Roo and his hoomin Mummy enjoyed the parcel! Mama whispered in my ears that Roo's hoomin Mummy's eyes did a leak, I hope she wasn't sad!

Roo even played with the box and his Mummy made a video! He is ripping up our local news, he must disapprove of our towns regeneration plans! He is echoing the voices of the town residents with his actions!!

All this excitement has made a bunny sleepy.....


Anonymous said...

Roo is just the cutest - I love a good rip and tear!

Louis said...

So many pressies!
Roo is one lucky bun :]
Louis x

Anonymous said...

What a nice parcel to receive, all that yummy stuff.. and the Roo doll is so funny (in a cute way)!! I bet Roo's eyes did a leak, too!

d. moll, said...

A good box is never amiss and when it comes packed with fab pressies, WOW. Roo must be a very good friend. We like the herb noms. We eat fresh lavender and Lemon Balm, sometimes Ginkgo leaves t make us smarter than we are already. Thanks for the Biscuit recipe, she says she's going to make some soon.
-Tyler and Sydney

Alvin said...

omg carlton are you and Roo long lost twins... pearl thought it was you at first but im more cleverer than her and knew it wasnt.

lovely prezzies :)

Ippo said...

Aawww Roo seems to be enjoying the box more than the presents ;-)
What happened to your blog layout Carlton? Or is it just my computer?

Gregory said...

Ooh good job with the pressies Carlton - they are so beautifully wrapped!

Ludo van puppy said...

what a lovely bun you are, sending your friend some presents. I like your new blog layout too. Though I did just accidentaly subscribe to your comments page. :S I should leave this blogging stuff to Ludo.
~love, Ludo's mum.

The Bunns said...

You and Roo are sure good friends! Roo looks a lot like our Winston!

Maybe Roo thought there was still another goodie in that box!!

Anonymous said...

and i bet roo thinks he's royalty now too :-)