Friday, 29 August 2008

Mama ran away from me!

Well, I do apologise for leaving my blog for so long but Mama ran away and I cannot switch on the iMac by myself, my paws don't reach.

On Sunday Mama was on the phone and started doing a happy dance. She said I was going on an adventure while she went to France. Where is France? Is it in America? I know somebuns on here are from America, maybe they can tell me. She was invited to go with the family as a last minute jolly jaunt... why I wasn't invited I don't know.

Anyway, Mama packed up all my things and off we went to Mummy Jane's. I love it there, she has the room with no ceiling and car-pets... though I havn't seen those pets yet. I was there from Monday to Wednesday evening! It was so much fun! I got to play in the house and I chased the cat around and it was great. I kept trying to be friends with Spit The Cat The Bunny but he doesn't want to know. He was sitting with Mama's brother on the sofa and I wanted some cuddle time too... I jumped up and Spit ran away! I only wanted some snuggles and I wouldn't have minded sharing the hoomin with him. Nevermind.

Mama came home and I ran up to her for snuggles, I was so pleased she was home! I was starting to worry that she'd forgotten about me! She came back with some stinking cheese for Daddy. Pooey!

There are some photos of her adventures but I'm not in them so I don't know why I'm putting any up.

I've been practicing alot of meditation and yoga lately, Mama took photos so you could all copy my moves.


Anonymous said...

Looks like your mom had a great time in Paris! Our hoomins said they would love to visit Paris someday, but we don't want them to go and leave us here all alone!

By the way, that's a lovely yoga outfit. It looks like a skirt of sorts? We thinks its kewl that you're not afraid to embrace your feminine side :D

Happy weekends Carlton bun!

d. moll, said...

Paris looks like lots of fun, too bad you couldn't go Carlton, maybe next time, though it might be hard to choose between Paris and Mummy Jane's. Your Yoga is stunning, especially when you have a pink background, WOW!!!!!! We are going to practice right now....
Yr. Furends,
Ty and Syd

Ippo said...

Boooo your mama didn't take you to Paris.
She didn't bring you back anything?
I must say you're quite a flexible bunny!

Gregory said...

Ooh Carlton, that is some fantabulous yoga you are doing! Did you mama bring you a present back from France? I think you would look smashing in a teeny weeny beret!

Louis said...

Your mummy must have had a good time in France but its a shame you couldnt go with. Hoomins are so tight sometimes!
I love your yoga skills - If only I was as stretchy as you. You should make a workout video - I know I would buy it.

Louis x

Ludo van puppy said...

Paris looks big! My pawents went to Paris before I was born. Those icecreams your Mama is eating sure look yummy.
I'm glad you weren't upset about being left behind and had a good time at mummy Jane's.

FrecklesandDeb said...

I'm from America and I don't think France is here. We watched the Olympics on TV and it was in China. Maybe France is there! Looks like they had a good time, wherever it is! But probably not as good a time as you had chasing the cat!

Those car-pets sound very cool. Do they live in the car or do they ever get to come to the room with no ceiling?

I'm going to try out your yoga poses right now. Thanks for the helpful pictures.

Bunny the Artist said...

Carlton, are you moulting or is that a special yoga outfit you have on?

My mom has been to Paris too, it was fur-eezing when she was there. She cried when she arrived because she had spent 24 hours on a plane from Oz (without sleeping a wink and having been up for 36 hours BEFORE even getting on the plane!) and arrived in Paris at 6am only to be told she couldn't check into the hotel until 2pm!

She brought me home a really cool toy though - a squeaky plastic stick!

Wags from BooBoo (Bunny the artist's canine sibling)

Carlton Jamal said...

I am doing a bit moult right now and making Mama sneeze with all my furs!

Dash said...

My mommy says she has always wanted to go to France and we live in America so nope France isn't here. Cool yoga moves, I do a bit of yoga myself in my spare time!

Ippo said...

Carlton how can you not like pinecones?
I thought bunnies like to chew on things. Pinecones are yummy!

Fiona Bun said...

DKM totally wishes that France was closer to San Francisco. She'd go there all of the time if it was.

Rabbits' Guy said...

France is not here either. But that is great meditating and yogaing CJ. I think at the end you just fall asleep!