Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Mama did a finish of her makings!!

Do you know what it is? Do you?! I DO!!

It's me! But made in a doll way!! I've been pushing it around and hoping Carlton Doll would play chase with me but Mama says he is not a real bunny. that made me a bit sad.

Don't you think he's handsome? I do! Looks just like me, especially with the hair! I have a funny tuft that Mama plays with and puts in crazy styles.

Mama did some different makings tonight, she did mouth makings. Hoomin mouth makings so I wasn't allowed to try any of it! *thump!*

But she did drop a couple of tiny choccy-lit bits and I snarfed them up as quick as I could! Mama was chasing me away saying "you will get tummyache" but I know I won't.... it would be worth it anyway, the flavours were so nice in my mouth!

She made some cakes for Uncle Richard's birthday, we will give them to him tomorrow. I hope he likes them.


Anonymous said...

Carlton, tell your mama that I want some of those cakes!!! Never mind Uncle Richard ;)

Tell your mama that she's missed xxx

Rice said...

Carlton, you are so cute in doll form! Not as cute as real life though ;) Tell your mama I want some cupcakes too, get them on a plane!! lol