Thursday, 3 July 2008

I do a-polly-gise...

... I've been so busy getting up to so much naughtiness that i havn't had time to do my blog!

There's just not enough hours in a busy bunnies day.

Mama spent Sunday evening fretting about a dress she had bought and had no shoes to match... I've seen how many shoes Mama has, I tried to count them once and it made me dizzy! I can't imagine she really had no shoes to match, I'm sure she was just making a fuss like silly hoomins girls do.

I've been doing many weewees on the sofa, much to my delight and Mama's dismay! She says she is going to get me a toilet for the sofa.... pah! I will just push it off and go peepee as usual!

On Tuesday there was alot of fuss and bother in the house, Mama was frantically straightening her hair and painting her face with crayons. She put that peach powder on again, she smelt so lovely!

Then Mama and Daddy said they would be going out for a few hours... a few hours! What about me?! They said they were going to a wedding. Daddy's Daddy was getting married to a hoominlady which means it was a family affair... so why was i not invited? I am part of the family after all! They must all be racist towards ethic bunny. I understand. It's a hard life being a black bunny, sometimes you feel like the whole world is against you.

I did some redecorating in the bedroom and made it look super.

Mama and Daddy got home and said they had a lovely time, she showed me photos.

I like this one, Daddy says Mama looks like a beautiful butterfly princess *bleurgh*

There's some other people in that picture too but I couldn't care less who they are because I wasn't there.

Mama just told me there was no cawwits there so I probably wouldn't have enjoyed myself. I'm glad I didn't go now.

Mama left her bag on the floor while she had a shower, I smelled nice things in my nose so I went to investigate.... I found a narna!! I gobbled and slurped and chomped and chewed.... until Daddy found me and confiscated it! *thump!* I know I can eat a whole narna so why not let me?!

nomnomnom!! tasty tasty narna!

Because of Mama's poorly, she hasn't had a very good couple of days, she told me "the wedding really took it out of me". What does that mean? Did they take some of her insides out at the wedding? I don't understand. She has been doing lots of sleeping and whinging and annoying me but I still pretend to love her because she makes me tasty salads.

She hasn't been able to talk to her bunny friends because she is too poorly but she thinks she will be back soon with all her crazy silliness.

To finish, here is a picture Daddy sneaked to me, see how ugly Mama is!!! UUUUGGGLLYY!!


Anonymous said...

Hello lovely Carlton. I have a bunny at work looks just like you. He's very handsome and he loves kisses all over!

Say hello to your mummy for me and make sure you look after her if she's not feeling very well. Less peepees on the sofa methinks ;0) xx

Sir Bobbin said...

Haha! Cartlon it's Milton Keynes not Milk & Cheese! Awww, you need to come to my house for some pronunciation and spelling lessons!

I thought your mummy looked really nice in that flowery dress she was wearing at the hooman wedding. My mummy says that she thought she was pretty too and that she is missing her talking on RU.

She says please tell Carlton to tell his mummy to try and get better and get back to making all the hoomans laugh. Will you pass on the message between weeings on the sofa please?!

Take care old chum,

Bobbin xx