Monday, 14 July 2008

I really have had the bestest of all the days!!

Today Mama said we were going on an adventure and bought in my carrier.... I thought "yay, we're going to see Uncle Simon at the vets!" so I jumped straight in and snuggled into the towel and munched on some tasty hay.

It was the fist time i went in Daddy's new car! It is so super shiny and new, I felt uber cool as a passenger! Daddy said it is a Bee Em Double-You and it stands for Black Mans Wheels which makes sense because Daddy is a man and I am black! :-D

Anyway, when it came to us stopping I didn't know where we were! I was taken into somewhere and all these smells went in my nose that I did not recognise! Mama set me down and let me out, there were so many feet and I admit I was a bit scared but I was brave and started to explore.

I saw this big shiny box with bubbles in and different colours moving about, I never seen one of these things before! Mama said it was a fishtank.... i'm going to google it later because I didn't understand.

Then Mama scooped me up and we went into another room and it was really big! And it had no ceiling!! It was the most crazy thing I have seen in a long time and I've seen some crazy things in my time, let me tell you!

She put me down and it was so soft under my feet, so colourful and smelt so sweet! I couldn't resist a nibble and it tasted delicious! I couldn't help myself, i was munching and crunching for so long! It was so sunny too and my fur was lovely and warm! It's the best place I've ever been, I wish Mama had a room like that.

Then, in my eyes, I saw a dark shape, the same colour as me! A bunny with uppy ears and long long legs! Mama said his name was "Spit The Cat" (what a rubbish name for a bunny!) and I went to say hello and he runned away! How rude! This happened all day, he kept running away like a big stupid dumb! I didn't want to play anyway, I was having too much fun doing binkies!

This was just before we met, I don't know why he went all fat all of a sudden! Like a puffer fish Mama says! She says this video is better viewed on youtube where you can choose a "high quality" option. Whatever that means!

Mama had that stupid silver box out so I was careful not to do binkies when she held it! I did so many big binkies and crazy runs, I just couldn't help myself!

She said she couldn't stop laughing at how my ears flapped when I was bouncing around. I have to admit, it is rather cute, isn't it? This one is better viewed in high quality too.

I met so many hoomins! I saw Mummy Jane (Mama's Mummy) and Mama's brothers and some other people too. I made sure i said hello to everyone but really all I wanted to do was dance and sing and munch!

Here is me and Spit The Cat the bunny.

I think he wanted to be friends but was just shy.

It started to get colder and a bit dark so Mama took me inside and we wrapped up in a big snuggly blanket to watch Top Gear. Well, I wanted to watch it but I was so worn out from my busy day and so super snuggly with Mama that i couldn't help but go to dream land!

After Top Gear, Mama said it was hometime so I jumped in my carrier after giving kisses to Mummy Jane and Mama's brothers and we came home. I've been stretched out for the rest of the evening with a smile on my face. Mama said as I enjoyed it so much she would make it a regular adventure, yay!

Look, Spit The Cat stole some yoghurt from Mama's brother! What a mess!

I've never seen a bunny with a tail so long!

Night everyone, I'm pooped! xx


Alvin said...
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Alvin said...

arrrggghhhh im a stupid bunny.. ive broke your blog ooops :'(

i tried to write that your lucky to have the roofless room and it all went wrong... going to sulk in my cage now *Sniffffff*

Carlton Jamal said...

hello Alvin!

don't worry, sometimes these typings is difficult for us buns to do with our nails! you will get the hang of it! x

Anonymous said...

Aww.. methinks Spit the Cat the bunny is intimidated by how much more of a bunny you are compared to him!

Glad you had a great day!