Saturday, 12 July 2008

I've Been Very busy Doing Some Most Importants!

Mama has been keeping me entertained with silly cardboard sculptures so I decided to do some big mans work with them....

I'm very good aren't I?

She's been driving me a bit mad today with her silver picture box, she just doesn't quit! She's all up in my face like I'm a performing seal or something.

She does get some good videos of me at my bestest though! I do like to watch myself and think about how handsome I am. I'm handsome, aren't I? Go on, admit it! You know you do! I do have to remind myself that the camera puts on 10 pounds otherwise I'll give myself a bunny complex and start having self-bunsteem tissues.

Mama has been making some more hoomin mouth makings, she says they are for a friend what graduated from big school. They look so super yummy but I don't know what a "scroll" is.

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