Friday, 25 July 2008

Well, it's been quite a day!

This evening the hoomins went out to do the shopping, I had my paws crossed for plenty of coriander and basil. They really are my most favouritist of foods. I would eat them all day if I could!

Anyway, the hoomins came back and Mama said I have something for you and put this down.

Now I love my cardboard boxes, they make the bestest noise when i tear them with my teef, but i was less than impressed considering how excited Mama was about it.

Them Mama took these out of it!!

Well, I had no idea what they were but i sure was excited at this point!

Mama gave me the round thing...

So I decided to check it out, I gave it a nibble, it was okay I suppose. Then she gave me the other thing and that was alot more interesting, it took me ages to marks everything with my chin...

It's nice, isn't it? I don't really know what it is to be honest. I ended up tearing an old egg carton up and Mama asked my why I wasn't playing with my new toys. I don't know! The egg box was more fun right now! I did say thank-you, see!

"Thanks, Mama!"

To be honest, it was so warm today, it was difficult to do anything, I'll probably be more playful tomorrow if it's not so warm.

I think I'll just settle down and read for the rest of the night...

I love to read with my eyes!

Mama has been doing more hoomin mouth makes. she did a magic cupcake of my mates Bobbin and Roo, look!

I was a bit sad that she didn't make me but she said that the icing went to gloop when she tried to make black so couldn't do it. I understand now. She said she will get some bits to make the icing not go gloopy.

She made some other ones with sprinkles... she ate one and what she doesn't know is that a sprinkle fell to the floor and I snarfed it up! Delicious in my mouth! Now I just need to get to the cupcakes!! Does anybody have a bunny ladder?


d. moll, said...

Yes, what a day! Egg cartons seem nice to tear for sure, we would tear the phone book too, given the chance, and what very fun cupcakes your mom makes, are those English Spot rabbits on the one for Bobbin and Roo? We are English Spots, but we don't live in England.
-Tyler and Sydney

PJ said...

Carlton Jamal,
I have two very demanding geriatric kitties and a funky dog that keep me terribly busy so I'm not able to have a bun but when I do I hope to have one half as much fun as you.

Anonymous said...

Your mummy's got real talent, Carlton. Those are very pretty cupcakes! Can't wait to see a 'Carlton Cup Cake'!

and you've got very nice toys! What is that, a cawwit plot? The way those cawwits stick out like that.. it must have been fun to chin 'em!