Wednesday, 9 July 2008

I knowed what my teefs is for now!!

I've been driving my hoomins just crazy! I learned-ed what my little sharp teefs is for.... BITINGS!!

I have been busy busy busy chomping through just about anything I can get my paws on and Daddy is particularly fed up with my naughtiness! I just can't get enough of his Diesel jeans, I just loves the taste of expensive denim.

See here's what I have nibbled with my teefs...

The last fing that I chewed made my teefs fizzy so I decided to stop chewing for a while and just have some nice rests in my hay box.

Silly Mama touched the bit white root I was munching and it made her fingers go fizzy too. She said I must stop chewing as I will hurt myself and I told her to stop putting delicious tempting chewable objects in my eye seeing ways and I won't do it! Silly hoomins, they don't know nuffinks!

Mama says I have the most beautifullist of eyeballs, the colour of tasty chocolate that I'm not allowed to eat, rubbish! Look at my lubbly eyes!

I'm off to look for tasty things to chew! Toodles!


Artie & Esme said...

Careful with the white roots Carlton, our Mama said they could make you go bang and smokey and we's don't want Carlton to go bang, best to eat the box that you hoomins have gived to you. We's a bit worried about the diesel too, are you sure diesel tastes nice?? It smells horrid!

Carlton Jamal said...

Daddy says it's a different kind of diesel to what he puts in his driving around machine but I don't really understand what these hommins is on about half the times!