Thursday, 10 July 2008

Well, really, I'm not impressed!

Last night Mama ignored me for so long that I hate to resort to biting her ankles!

Do you know what she was doing? She was on a forum called Happy Hoppers. I said "Mama, what is Happy Hoppers?"

She said, "it is a place where people that are owned by bunnies like to get together and talk about bunny adventures."

It sounds great! She said there are people on there who have lots of knowledges in their brains and they all help each other with kwe-shtuns they might have about bunnehs. They like to help people with anything they need to know about. I know Mama wants to know how long a moult takes because all my hair is tickling her nose and making her sneeze some! Tee hee.

I have to say it does look very warm and welcoming and I might sneak on when my two foots have gone to bed!

Happy Hoppers

I will say though, I'm not keen on Mama going "AAAHHHHH" and "WEEEEE" over other peoples bunnies, I'm the Number One Bun and she better not forget that! *thump*

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Bella and Tarquin said...

Our mummy's the same - always gooing and gaaing over other buns - Bella has just had a nibble on the door to get her attention - we've only been home from our holiday for just over an hour and already she's checking other buns (though we know she missed us cos she's given us a new grassy tunnel thing and lots of lovely tasty hay).

Our mummy seems a bit obsessed with this Happy Hoppers place, but we don't blame her because it's Sooz's place and Tarquin got his second chance at a forever home thanks to Sooz, so if mummy wants to spend time there we don't mind (as long as she doesn't forget to feed us and coo over us too).