Tuesday, 22 July 2008

I does require my lawyer!

On Sunday I was set up, I swears it!!

Daddy was doing a big clean (I know when he does a big clean, everything goes on the sofa and there's no room for weeing) and while he was busying himself with the mechanical groomer they call the hoover, I found this on the floor

It was my treat bag! Well it sure did make my tummy rumble, let me tell you! I pushed it around for a while and decided wether I should go for the kill and eat the lot or be a good boy and tell Daddy what had fallen on the floor. Just as I decided it was best to be honest, Daddy found me! "Carlton, you little naughty!", he said! I hadn't done anything!! "You naughty monkey stealing food", he went on but I swears I didn't nibble a few of those tasty treat, I pwomise! The hole was already there! If only there was CCBunTV! They sure did look tantilising, smelling all delicious and asking me to eat them....

I think that because I am an efnic bunneh, Daddy thinks I must be GUILTY! Can you believe it? Daddy, racist against his own ethnic bunny!

I was placed in prison for 30 minutes! Can you believe it? Daddy said it was because he couldn't trust me while he hoovered other places but I know it was punishment and I was not pleased!!

Look at my face!!

Daddy and me had been having such a nice time too, he was grooming me for ages, see -

How could he accuse me of such crimes??

I might ask Alvin if I can go and live with him, I don't think I can love Daddy anymore. :-(

News has even reached lolbunnies, how will I ever get over these accusations?!


Alvin said...

mum and pearl said yes yes yes please come and live here carlton. oooohhh wed have so much fun... did they let you out of prison, i sent off for teeshirts but the printer people just laffed and said i couldnt use carrots as currency.... how dare they !!!!!!

Rice said...

I believe you Carlton, and so do Piper and Alfred! They know you could never have stolen the treats. Or maybe they just want me to think all buns are little angels... *scratches head*

Anonymous said...

Oh no, you got sent to prison because of your fur colour?? Is there no justice in this world! I hope you gave the 2-foots a right good spraying from inside the prison! That oughtta teach 'em!