Wednesday, 23 July 2008

I've had to be very seep-poor-tive...

Daddy has been doing some very sad times since Saturday, somebun hurt his car and tore off its ear. :-( Mama hasn't even seen it to take a photo so it must be bad. Daddy has to pay a man alot of cawwits to get it fixed with cosmetic surgery tomorrow. He has only had the car for 3 weeks and has worked so very hard in his job to be able to have a nice car to take me to the vets in. Daddy is so upset that he has been talking about us moving. Wowwee! I never lived anywhere else before.... except Uncle Richard's in the daytime! Daddy wants off road parking (what's that?) because he is always worried about someone pulling the ears on car. Poor Daddy. I have been giving him extra love and snuggles and tried not to bite his favourite jeans too much..... it's been hard!!

Daddy says things to do with The Secret will have to be put off for a while.... I still don't know what this stupid secret is! This made Mummy sad and she even did a cry to me so i must be something she was really looking forward too.

When I visited Mummy Jane's last week, there was a little girl called Amy-Louise who was so pretty like a princess and with hands so soft I let her stroke me. She drew me a picture I would like to share with you. I love it so much I showed my app-ree-cee-ay-shun with my teefs!

Mama says my per-sin-ally-tee has really been changing lately and I am growing up into a feisty young man. Did I tell you I learnt to growl?! Daddy was being really very annoying in my face and was stroking me in a way I didn't like so out of nowhere I did a big growl!! I felt so grown up! It sure shocked Daddy into leaving me alone! I have only growled once since.... I found the hamster in my hay and was not happy one bit. She has avoided me every since. I am The Boss!!


Alvin said...

awww Carlton... tell your mommy not to be sad, her secret can wait its more important that your daddy can take you to see your fav vet :) some secrets are worth waiting for ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad's car, and your Mummy being sad. We hope they feel better soon.. Maybe you can share some of your treats with them.. treats always make us feel good! We do binkies after we get treats!