Thursday, 24 July 2008

I has an imposter!

Auntie Donna showed me this!! Can you believe it!

He is not even as handsome as me! I had peoples worried that I really did do a run away! I assure you, each and everybun, that I'm still at home. These hoomins don't take care of themselves you know!

Mama did some more mouth makings last night, they smelled so good in my nose but I still wasn't allowed a tasty treat! I did get some cawwit though, that was very nice.

I've been having a lazy few days, Mama took some rather unflattering photos that I am not happy about.

But I have a new favourite place to sleep and hide. It is very comfy under the hoomins sofa, they put a carpet tile under there especially for me. Now I can spy on the hoomins without them knowing. Havn't I got lovely chocolately eyes? I was all laid out and comfy but Mama got on the floor with her silver box so I sat up quick sharp!

Mama also managed to get a lovely picture of my hairstyle on my head. I have an extra fluffy tuft that Mama loves oh-so-much, she likes to play with it when we snuggle. It looks like it's been crimped, see?

I've always had that crimped bit and Mama has no idea why. What she doesn't know is I sneak in the spare room and use her crimpers! Haha!!


Anonymous said...

Ur right, he is not as cute as you **blushes** anyway, better go before mummy sees me, she told me not to read your blog incase i got ideas on how to be norty hehe.
Hugs and carrots,

Anonymous said...

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Carlton. The fact that you have become such a famous bun means you'll have to deal with a lot more of this ;0)

Alvin said...

i told my mother you would come to us before going into care... when will the silly woman listen to me !!!!!!!

i like your crinkly hair, im gonna get me some crimper things and ill use them on the chipmunks tails too hehehehehehe

Sam's mistress said...

Oh my! I do hope that the mix-up has been straightened out! Though I suppose everybun has a doppleganger.
Hey! Thanks for coming to visit us! You're a cute bun, too, no matter what your pictuers look like! I think they look schouper!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Hi! We just found your blog and enjoyed reading all about you. We were amazed that you sat so still and took it in stride when your dad had that noisy machine right on your furs! You are very brave.

We're going to put a link to your blog from our blog, The Adventures of Freckles and Deb, so we can find our way back here and check up on you!

Anonymous said...

Carlton Jamal, you handsome bun! We love your blog. We live very far away from you, across a big, big ocean with our humans. Please check out our blog. We've added you as a friend!