Saturday, 5 July 2008

Bobbin said I do-ed getted it WRONG!

He said it is Milton Keynes, not Milk And Cheese!! Teehee, I think I need to get Mama to clean out my ears!

Daddy has been busy making a website for some hoomins and Mama has been making some magic! She had a magic machine that makes fabric stick together, it was amazing in my eyes. She said, "do you want to see what a bobbin looks like?" like I never seed Bobbin before! He is a handsome boy with fur that is some different colours..... but she showed me this little round thing that did spin spin spin reeeeeal fast to put cotton on. She must have eaten too much red pepper, she was being a mental! Bobbin is a bunny not a little plastic thing you feed to the fabric sticking together machine!! Stoopid hoomin!

Look, she showed this to my eyes!

Whatever it was, it had ears and hair just like mine!

Mama said I could do some helpings with her, she gave me a pile of fabric to sort for her. I was very good and sorted them into piles, throwing them about with my little scissor teeth. She said I did very good and that I must be careful not to jump on the sofa because she was doing makes with pins and needles.

She did more snippings with scissors and grumbling and stitching and then she showed it to me again. Look!

I was laughing and laughing! Those eyes are just too big! She said she is going to do more snipping and will finish the face tomorrow. She hasn't actually told me what it is yet but I think it sure looks handsome, whatever it is!

I have been practicing my drawing and thought I would show Mama how good I am. I'm sad to say, she wasn't impressed with my graffiti style drawing. I can't imagine why?

I think I'm real good at drawing. Maybe Mama feels threatened because I'm a better artist than her!


angelmouse said...

Isn't your mama clever Carlton, not a stoopid hoomin (even though most hoomins are - not realising how lovely us rabbits are)
We like the mini you! Very nice, specially the hairs!

Love Bindi and Eddie!

Sir Bobbin said...

What?! Another Bobbin?! I don't understand... your mummy must've got it wrong... I am the ONLY Bobbin! Teehee!

Hope she is feeling better. I like the stitching things she makes. Very clever some hoomans!

Bobbin xx