Sunday, 27 July 2008

Oh my, it really is too hot!

It has been so hot here, Mama has been cooling my ears with a flannel. It's so enjoyable, you really must try it.

She also made me a big iceypop which I have enjoyed snuggling up too, it has kept my bumbum nice and cool!

Last night I really got my teeth in my cawwit patch toy, I was pulling up the cawwits and Mama was putting them back for me to pull up again, it was so much fun!

Mama says I have made a real mess of it already!

I've spent most of the day under the sofa with an icey bottle, it's too hot for binkies and fridge begging!

Mama did some more hoomin mouth makes, I think they are the best she has done so far!

Yummy in my eyes! But, sadly, not my tummy. :-(


Sam's mistress said...

Pretty cupcakes! Woa!
I've never seen a carrot patch toy. Looks like SUPER mess-making fun!! WOOT!

Keep cool!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Yummm! Those cupcakes look too pretty to eat! Isn't it fun to keep your mom occupied with putting your carrots back in your fun toy? It keeps her out of mischief!

PJ said...

An icypop for the bumbum? Woohoo!We're going to have to seriously think about this here in Florida. The cottontails will line up around the block. Lately we've had some days where an icypop would have seemed like a natural wonder.

Anonymous said...

I'm really lovin' your mama's mouth makes, they look so yummy!! and the bunnies are demanding a cawwit patch toy! Too bad it's not sold here..

The Bunns said...

By golly C.J., you look exactly like our Winston!

But you have got a lot more toys than Winnie has .. you a lucky duck .. er bunn!

Stay cool and keep on bloggin'!

We'll get you on the 7BUNNY7 for the next trip!

Ippo456 said...

I really like reading your blog; it's funny & entertaining.
Your mommy makes such pretty cupcakes.
She should make a bunny-friendly cupcake just for you!

Rice said...

Piper loves her frozen waterbottle to snuggle too! And now Alfred has seen your carrot toy and he wants one, keeps pestering me to get him a toy like Carltons! Carlton, you need to tell your mummy to send me one of her pretty hoomin cakeys!!