Monday, 28 July 2008

"I am very upset with you Carlton!"

This is what Mama said to me this afternoon. She had given the sofa covers a special machine wash to get them nice and clean..... but they didn't smell of me anymore! So I managed to sneak up and pee on both sofas in less than 24 hours! Tee hee! I do feel a little bad because I made Mama do a little cry because she had to wash and scrub the sofa and it is so hot here it was making her body cry through the armpits..... she had to have another shower.

Daddy came home and did a cross face, I thought I was in real trouble. He went back out and came back with a present for me! Can you believe it? I was naughty and got a reward! Would you like to see what I got?

well, I don't really know what it is, it sure looks pretty and makes some strange noise.... but you know what, it make me so much cooler in this heat! It's been great! Here is me enjoying the breeze on my bumbum, Mama says it's funny that I always stick my bum towards the cold!

You can see where the breeze has made me look like a baldie slap! :-D

Mama let the orange furry out tonight, she is such a pain touching my toys and getting in my hay box. I think I hate her, especially when she takes Mama's attention away from me. *thump*

Mama even pointed the silver box at her, that's MY silver box for making pretty pictures of ME! *double thump*

Look at her playing with my toys without asking!

That's better, playing with her own toys!

Mama calls the orange furry Butters because when she was a baby she was so very cute she thought it would be funny to give her a name that meant "ugly". I think she really is butters.... compared to me!

p.s. It was Beatrix Potter's birthday yesterday. she wrote lots of books, some were to do with bunnies! I will get Mama to read to me later. Goggle dedicated their logo to her for the day! How exciting! Maybe I will be famous enough one day to have my own Google dedicated logo!


ilex said...

Bun pee, bad.

Beatrix Potter, good. Her drawings of fungi are particularly lovely. Yes, of course- and her drawings of buns, too.

Ippo456 said...

AAwww Carlton, be nice to your friend now & share toys.

PJ said...

Carlton, play nice. Just because you can't have hoomin mouf makes...

Bunny the Artist said...

LOL "crying from the armpits"! You're a funny bunny. Thankyou for the nice comments on Bunny the Artist's blog. I'm glad you stopped by because now I know about your blog and I think it's my new favorite bunny blog. Yay!


Alvin said...

oh Carlton... you really should stop peeing on the sofa your nearly growned up now and its not nice to make your mummy cry, shes too lovely :(

Ludo van puppy said...

I has an idea for you Carlton. You can get some puppy bads and put them on the sofa, under the cover. Then if you wees it will go on the pads and only the cover will need washing and not the sofa. :D
I a clever puppy.

FrecklesandDeb said...

My, you have been a busy bun!

Sorry, but Butters is kind of cute, so you might as well at least pretend to make friends. He's probably going to be around for awhile!

Keep cool!

d. moll, said...

We like to pee certain places too, but She does this thing that keeps us from wanting to pee like by the study door or under the telephone table. First She cleans with white vinegar, and sometimes puts some lavender oil there, then She puts puts a piece of aluminum foil right in that place. Well, most buns don't like foil and so we don't pee there no more.
-Tyler and Sydney

Anonymous said...

Buttons peed on the couch too!! I let Hans play a little on the couch, earlier.. so Her Majesty had to reclaim her land with a HUGE puddle of pee!

Little boogers, aren't they?? :D

Bertie Bunny said...

I'm a fan of the fan, sit on my bed and Winsurf Man!

Hey Carlton, don't sweat dude!

Anonymous said...

We love to put our bums in front of the fan and snuggle with our frozen bottles too!