Monday, 30 June 2008

Mama was real sad today.

She was reading words on the screen what is not the telly and she did a big cry, she said to Daddy that someone had thrown her favourite hoomin fur away that she'd only worn once and it was very expensive.... I didn't understand and I was too bust scoffing coriander to care anyway.

Daddy took her to a town called Milk And Cheese and bought her a dress, he said she looked like a beautiful butterfly princess. Pass the sick bucket! I know us bunnies have no gag reflex but I sure can pretend! She has to wear the dress to a wedding, a think where two hoomins get stuck together forever. Imagine that. What if one wants to go peepee but the other is watching the televisual box? What happens then?

I think it's funny how hoomins have no fur so they have to put replaceable fur on everyday. I am a bit jealous that it comes in all different colours though, I wish I could change colour. I would like to be blue.

But don't forget that Mama's legs are still nearly as furry as mine and as for Daddy, he has fur on his toes! How funny!

Because Mama did a cry today I felt bad for biting her yesterday. Yes, I bit Mama. I am a naughty bunny. Mama has been grooming my underside each day and yesterday I'd quite frankly had enough! So I bited her with my little teefs! She went "YEOWCH" and let me run away. She said it was very sore and today she showed me the bruise. I feel bad now.

I love Mama very much but I really do not like having my bumbum groomed!

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Fudge said...

think its the time for mummys grooming carlton-mummy keeps doing me and i dont like it! so did exactly the same as you and bite mummy..she went yeoouch too,...and tapped my nose...i went to sulk in my bed with binky...*humph*