Thursday, 19 June 2008

Daddy STINKS and Mama is cross!

It's been me and Mama all night, daddy went out for a "werks fing" at 7pm. At 12.30 Daddy rings the bell like "BUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZ" for ages and it made Mama very cross as the noise will disturb other people. She stood at the door for aaaages for him, I raced along to see what was keeping him.... He was acting so strange! all slow and wibbly and talking nonsense! And he STANK of a funny smell i never smelled with my nose before!

Mama said he'd "been out drunking" or something and her face was not smiley like it usually is. It took her 20 minutes to get him to bed and she was saying words that made me cover my ears with my paws as she tried to get his clothes off. I jumped on him and Mama tried to take a photo but he really smelled so bad in my nose that i jumped straight off. pooey!

Mama had to get a bowl to wedge under his head and he was making wierd noises and stuffs was coming out of his mouth. I know it wasn't weewee because we do peepee out of our dinkles, everyone knows that! The noise was horrible and the smell.... yuk!

Mama was very cross and told me "he should know his limits at his age" and he will get a talking too in the morning. She can talk to him as long as I get my morning pellets, that's the mostest importantist of things!

She says she is going to have to stay awake all night to check that he doesn't die. It means I get to stay up extra late which is AWESOME! He should get drunked more often!

I better go and give her some cuddles so she turns her frown upside down!


beaky said...

Ahhh Carlton, your poor mummy. If you want to make her happy I would piddle on daddy tonight, see if that does'nt make her smile again!

I have got a bunny who looks just like you (except he is from the West country i.e. Northern Ireland) who enjoys his grapesies almost as much as you! His name is George and he has to go and see the vet dentist tomorrow. He said to tell you to make sure you eat up all your hay to stop you getting sore chops like him. Millie his bun wifey says hello and if you ever want to come here for a holiday she would share her pellets with you (just don't tell George)!

George and Millie say 'please keep us informed of all your bad bunny behaviour cause then it does'nt make us look so bad when we do something naughty'.

Anonymous said...

Ah Carlton, the things your young, innocent mind has to see.....sigh ;)