Saturday, 7 June 2008

Today it's been me and Mama for most of the day. Daddy got up early for a Saturday, I was surprised and excited to come out so early on a Saturday! He went out and it was me and Mama until 7pm. She said he'd gone to watch cars with his hoomin Daddy at Silverstone. I don't know what Silverstone is but I know that's where my mate Bobbin came from. I asked Mama if he'd gone to see Bobbin's family, she told me he would be driving a car! Can you imagine! A bun driving a car! If Mama says that's what Bobbin was doing I believe her. Then Daddy sent her words through the wind that wrote themselves on the little box she puts next to her ear. It said this -

Wow! Bobbin is a Formula Bun Driver! He's so cool!

This evening I've been wowing Mummy with how confident I am on the laminate floor, I race around with ease but I like to keep my binkies to my mat and runs, I don't slip around then! She says I'm such a funny buns, she's not wrong!

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