Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Tee Hee, I've been naughty! yay!

Last night I was having a good run around, giving everything a right good chinning so those darned two foots know everything belongs to moi. Mama was laughing because she said I was being so cute and silly. Well, you know, with a face like mine, I can't help but be cute!

Mama got up today and went to put a wash on, silly two foot had left the next lot of washing on the floor beside the washing basket so being the naughty rascal I am, I did a great big piddle on the washing! There was a puddle on the floor that might have given the game away but Mama walked past with the washing for the machine and didn't say anything so I guess she didn't notice.... No doubt I'll be doing it again in the future. I'm such a cheeky rascal. I love to wee where I shouldn't! Silly two foots.

I just had a real good run around, now I'm pooped!


Sir Bobbin a.k.a Duddits, THuddits, Sloberdam & Bunting! said...

Yey! Gooooo Carlton!!

We love to pee on the sofa, mummy won't even sit on it now we've done it so much!

But on the washing?! Now that's a good one - I will have cause some agro and find a way to do it too! Teehee!

Here's to bunnehs knowing their weeing rights!

Bobbin *big wave*

Carlton Jamal said...

What you need to do is observe your two foots washing arrangments, mine like to prepare the next wash and leave it by the basket or machine so I drink and drink and drink and then when I'm busting I pretend I'm running around all cute then *aahhhhhh* a nice big pee on the clothes!