Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Blogger has been "unavailable" all day, I didn't think I would get to do a blog today, I've been worried about letting my fans down!

Well, today has been a lazy day, we didn't really get up to much. I wish I could go for more playtime at Uncle Richards. Maybe if I'm really good, Mama will let me go for a visit. I'm sure I will forget to be good by tomorrow but I really will try.

Mama dressed up real pretty earlier, she had silver shoes on that went clippity-clop. She drawed on her face with pencils and brushes and I helped her by choosing colours and telling her what looked nice. She has a face powder that smells like peaches, I like it when she puts that on, it makes me want to lick her face. But I won't, hoomins don't deserve grooming, especially not on their skin, eww!

Her and Daddy went for dinner with her hoomin Grandparents but was soon back for loves and squishes and cuddles. I decided that I'm not going to do any binkies this evening to show my disgust at not being invited for dinner too. I bet there was some nice carrot dishes on the menu too.

I've been doing my usual sofa poops, I've been trying my hardest not to pee on the sofa and I think I've managed nearly a week without going weewee on Betty Boop's face. Mama says she doesn't mind the poos, she just worries that it will lead to a wee. I like being on the sofa, it makes me do head binkies so Mama doesn't want to ban me because it makes me so happy.

Here is a fraction of what I usually do...

I did a really impressive poop, Mama even took a photo...

She said I needed a good brush as I am moulting again. Again! I'd only just finished my first moult! Mama says this one is happening much quicker. She gave me a good brush, I kept running away to give her something to do. I'm not really keen on having the brush on my rump so I run away and Mama pretends to be a bunny and hops after me.

She got all this out....

She says she is going to make a clone of me from all the shed fur, imagine that!

Well, I'm tired now and Mama is tired of holding me up to the keyboard so toodle pip for now!

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Fudge said...

hi carlton
mummy gives me yummy pineapple when im moutling-seems it has some good stuff in that breaks down the furry bits...mummy lets me drink the juice too...yummy yummy yummy!

looks like you had a fab time at uncle richards too!