Monday, 16 June 2008

I really am a horror!

I've been a whole bundle of naughtiness this past weekend! The hoomins were both very cross with me and spoke to me in grumbly voices to let me know that they weren't happy.

On Saturday morning Mama lifted me onto the hoomins sleeping place for snuggles which was real nice but I really wasn't enjoying the overpowering hoomin smell so I hopped over to Daddy's side of the bed and managed to squeeze out a little bit of pee before Mama began shrieking and shooed me off the bed. She said she wasn't happy because she is so tired with her hy-per-somni-doo-dah but had to get up and wash the duvet and strip the bed. Like I care!

Later on when the duvet was back on the back, I sneaked into the bedroom and onto the bed, I did the biggest wee on the duvet again! And I saved some for the mattress too, hahaahahahahha!

I'm so full of naughtiness and I just don't care!

Here's me being all cute on my sofa. Don't worry though, I peed on it the same day!


Joanne said...

I cant stop laughing, i just love carlton x

catswhiskas said...

Carlton, I gonna cut of your pee pee.