Sunday, 22 June 2008

A-polly-geeez to my fans!

No update since wednesday, I'm so sowwee!!

I've been feeling a bit -

It's a hard life being an Ethnic Bunneh, there's alot to do!

There was a storm last night, it was raining real bad and someone liked it so much they were taking pictures, I kept seeing the flash go off.

Today Mama has been running around like something she calls a "blue arsed fly" (what's one of them then?!) because she says that tomorrow she is having something called an "in-spek-shun". She said I have to MOVE OUT!! I nearly started crying but Mama said not to worry, I would only be visiting Uncle Richard's across the street for a few hours..... I wonder if he has any thyme and coriander. I like Uncle Richard's. Mama says he has car-pets. What sort of a pet is that? I never heared of a pet called a car-pet with my ears before.

We are going to Uncle Richard's in the morning and coming home in the afternoon. I wonder if Uncle Richard will play with me, he works funny hours so he should be around. He has stairs, I might try them out.

I did ask Mama why I couldn't stay, she said it is because they would see me as an "illegal immygrant" - the CHEEK! I'm well within my rights to be here but Mama says my ears are to big and my body too furry. One whiff of me and they would have to move out. I understand. Whoever is doing the inspek-shun is racist toward the Ethnic Bunneh. I would pee in their shoes if i could. *thump*

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Rice said...

I'm sorry you had to move out for a bit Carlton, did you have fun at Uncle Richard's?