Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Today was a very busy day.

I was doing lots of helpings with Mama today, there was so very much to be getting on with. Mama was changing and moving things, taking out draws, pushing them around, I therefore had to get in and chin everything for her, aswell as run through all the dusty patches that Mammy told me not too. She made a big space in the spare room by putting somethings into her bedroom, I told her where to put the things to make sure everything was present and correct and look right because these hoomins don't have a clue how to do stuffs.

Then it was snoozy time, followed by eating and pooping..... then some more eating and pooping followed by some binkies for Daddy. He was doing some "fweelance" things and was not paying me enough atten-shuns to I kept getting on the sofa every 2 minutes to annoy him!

I finished my evening by destroying a cardboard box and having cuddles with Mama. I'm very sleepy now, nighty night!

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