Thursday, 26 June 2008

It's a hoomin's birthday!

Well, last night bunny words came on the wind through the window and into my ears, it was a message from Bobbin and Roo!

They said it was their hoomin mummy's birthday! She is a growed up hoomin. I got up on Mama's lap, gave her a kiss and whispered the news in her ear.

We got on the floor and made a little package of bunny and hoomin birthday kisses, we tied it in a pretty bow and we sent it on the wind back to Bobbin and Roo for when when Mummy Thea got up this morning. We do hope they remembered to give the package to her!

Today I got out of the wrong side of bed and I really wasn't in the mood for Mama making videos. I just wanted to enjoy my veggiebles!

I kept trying to hide myself away but she kept following so I gave her a flick of the feet to let her know to pack it in!

You can see it in this box with moving pictures in it -


Anonymous said...

Carlton Jamal got 'attitood'!!

Loving the latest vid!! :0) xx

Thea Schultheiss said...

Awwww Carlton, now I know who those bunny kisses were really from yesterday!

Thank you little man, and to your mummy too!

Now go hunt the 'nana!!

Thea xx