Friday, 27 June 2008

I forgot to say why i'm in a grump!

Well, Mama has been chasing me around for days with a comb, I HATE it! I hate my bun being brushed but Mama said it's a ne-sess-itee because I am moulting. So what! I like moulting! The hairs get up Mama's nose and make her sneeze so, I can't help but laugh at her!

A-TISH-OO A-TISH-OO! she goes. I laugh because it's like a little bit of naughtiness without getting into trouble.

Mama caught me and held me tight tight tight to her and brushed inbetween my legs! How rude, she could have seen my dinkle if she wasn't careful! She got so much hair out before putting me down, even I was shocked! I do feel more light and airy down there now but it doesn't mean I'm going to enjoy it every time!

I had a big sulk in my crate afterwards. I feel okay now but I do feel like Mama is violating my bunny rights! That's my fur, what gives her the right to steal it and put it in the bin like it means nothing?! *thump*

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