Monday, 2 June 2008

Hello to all my bunny and hoomin friends! My two foot has helped my set up this blog so I can keep you all informed as to what naughtiness I've been up too!

I suppose I should really start with a little background on myself. My two foot pretends that I'm a bit of a Jamaican rude boy but in reality, I'm just a Northern lad, I was born in Leeds. My two foot thinks that I spent too much time studying the family cat, Bonkers, because I don't display usual rabbit behaviours.... though I do like to dig at a clean pile of clothes that are waiting to be ironed! I generally like to be sprawled out in the sunshine and eating. My favourite foods are coriander, mint, basil, thyme, lemon thyme, parsley, red pepper and cawwit. I love banana but my two foot says I can have it on a Sunday because it is bad for my teef, booooo!

I was neutered a couple of months ago and I took it all in my stride, my two foot says I'm a very brace boy. I like going to the vets because Simon is so very nice to me, he gives me lots of cuddles and says I'm a very relaxed bunny. Sometimes he sticks a big thing in my mouth and I'm not a big fan of that but I'm sure he's only doing it to keep me healthy.

My two foot has been telling me that soon she is going to build me a new home, that I need to move out of the converted warehouse bachelor pad and into a two up two down family home ready for when I start dating. I like my bachelor pad though! hmpf!

I like cuddles with my two foots, sometimes I have to groom them because they can be a bit grubby. I don't like it when I get told off for going on the sofa, I cover my eyes with my ears and pretend not to hear. I like to rearrange my apartment in the night, the two foots don't seem to realise I like my toilet at an angle, not flush to the corner like how they put it. Silly hoomins.

I think it's time for one to retire to the boudoir, the two foot just filled my hay ball and it's making my tummy rumble. Toddle pip!


Bobbin said...

Oh Carlton, it is super rad that you iz on tha bloggy thing!!

You must hop on over to my blog too, I will add your link to my page and we can be blogging bunny buddies!

Bobbin xx

Anonymous said...

Ah....Mr Carlton Jamal what a sexy bunster you are!! I love to see vids of you on youtube and now I get to read what you're up to as well. Excellent!!

Carlton Jamal said...

ooh, lspacehopper, you make me go all red!

Benjamin & Verity said...

Hello Carlton, Benjamin here! Mom let us get a blog!! Mom loves watching your videos and thinks you're fab!