Tuesday, 17 June 2008

I likes my routine, I do.

I'm not fussy, but I do like things in a certain order, I'm all about routine see. When Mama gets up, I expect to be let out as soon as she has had a glass of water and I expect 5 pellets as an appetiser to my main salad meal that I expect pronto.

I do like to make a mess when I have my morning salad just to give the hoomins something to do.


One of my other favourite routines is when Mama has a shower. I'll be munching on some hay and all f a sudden "whoosh" I hear the shower go on so I race down to the bathroom. I have to cover my eyes with my ears when Mama takes her pyjamas off, I'm a gentleman so I don't stare at naked ladies...... though I did notice her legs are nearly as furry as me. Maybe she is turning into a bunny?

Mama has to take some clothes out of the washing basket for me and makes a pile that I like to play in while she showers. I can't help but get so excited I go binky crazy, throwing t-shirts here there and everywhere. I give them a little dig and a bite but i'm oh-so very gentle so I don't put holes in things.

After all this excitement, I have to go for a sleepy in the lounge. It's tiring being and excitable little bunny like me, you know!


Joanne said...

Carlton I love you!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Carlton, you said 'I'm a gentleman so I do stare at naked ladies'.

Was that a Bunnian (instead of Freudian) slip? ;0)

Carlton Jamal said...

oopsie! i did slipsies!