Friday, 27 June 2008

Weel I've been very naughty and now I'm in a grump!

I know I promised to be a good boy but I just can't help it, I'm just tto much of a naughty monster at heart!

I entirely forgot where I was and what I was doing and - oopsie - I went piddly on the sofa! Stoopid Daddy tried to shoo me off the sofa which made me accidently spray some peepee up the back off the sofa. Mama was not best pleased and had to wash some of the sofa cover.

THEN 4 hours later I just couldn't help myself, I went pee again! Mama wasn't paying attention so I just let it all out, ahhhhhhh! It felt gooooood!

Mama had put down a fresh towel so she only grumbled a little ......... until a little while later I went peepee AGAIN! hahahahahahahhahahahahaha!! It took her an hour to clean the sofa properly and she was very cross and sent me to bed, booooo. I munched on hay and had a sleepy and pretended not to care.

Today Mama has put a new towel on the sofa, it was so soft and squashy, I couldn't help but do head binkies and happy flops! It was so fluffy I couldn't help but have a little sleepy, it was so nice. I did some more happy flops and a whole load of poops..... then I did a weewee! Mama went SPARE! And she said I was grounded and must go straight to bed! *thump*

She was saying "I don't know what's got into you lately young man, you've been really good just doing poops. Now you've let me down with all this wee in 24 hours" I pretended to be asleep so she thought I wasn't listening.

I was allowed out a little while later.....and you know what I did?! Can you guess?

Yes! I sneaked up and went peepee on the binbag "defence"!! I'm truely am a cheeky monster! Mama said it's a good job the binbag caught it all or i would have been marched down to the naughty bunneh's home to teach me a lesson. *shudder* I've heard of that place, it's dark and cold and a horrible lady keeps you in a tiny hutch and you get feed poor quality hay, museli mix (YUK!) and there's NO CORIANDER, THYME OR PARSLEY!!! Sounds terrible. There's no love or cuddles either.

I've decided I'm going to start being good again, I'm simply cannot go to the naughty bunnies home!

Kisses to all my bunneh and hoomin friends xx

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