Friday, 13 June 2008

Well, Mama and I just had a heart to heart. She found me sobbing in the corner, my little ears catching the tears. She says I have nothing to worry about and that she is working on a little surprise for me! A surprise indeed! I now feel really rather silly getting myself so worked up! I was right off my coriander this morning.

I still don't understand why I will need to be banned from the spare room though. She said something about making the area clean and fresh and scent-free. Why would she do this? Of course I like clean and fresh but scent free?! I don't think so! I've spent alot of time chinning all my things in there, it's going to be a nightmare doing it all over again!

Mama says to expect Daddy to be in a very silly mood later, she says he is buying a new car, a tree-emm-wubbletoo or something? She says I will look uber cool going to see Simon the Vet and that I will need some sunglasses! She's so silly!

Mama is just piling me up some fresh hay, must dash, got to go jump on her back so she can't stand up or move1 I'm such a comedian!


Anonymous said...

Carlton, I am so glad that your mama has put your mind at rest.
I know what the surprise is and you're going to love it :0)

I'm so glad you're back to feeling like your cheekcy self ~~Mwah~~

Rice said...

I am so excited for your surprise Carlton you will love it!!