Monday, 23 June 2008

I had some serious fun at Uncle Richard's!

Well, Mama had to get up early today to help Daddy take my crate across the road to Uncle Richard's... gosh, her face looks like crumpled paper in the mornings! I can't believe she even went outside, she hadn't even had a weewee or a wash, dirty hoomin!! As a refined youngbun, I at least wash my ears before emerging from my bedroom! Imagine if someone had seen her, I would have been soooo embarrassed!

Mama came back and wrapped me up in a big warm squashy cuddle under her hoodie and took me across the road. I was very brave, I don't go outside very often so i have to be a big boy to make Mama proud. She gave me some cawwit to tell me what a good boy I was. She gave me kisses kisses (YUK!!) and told me to be a good boy... at least i think that's what she said, I was much to busy dealing with all the new smells in my nose and sights in my eyes.

Anyways, I was feeling pretty lazy and had some hay time and some snoozy time and some smelling time. I even did some dancing at my very own disco.

The time flew by and before I knew it Mama was back to get me! I was so excited that I did some binkies. Uncle Richard had some washing hanging up so i marked it all, I did some serious chinning on his speakers and tv cabinet and I jumped all over the sofas and was having a great time. Mama was panicking incase I piddled but I was having waaay to much fun for naughty weewee time!

I was running and jumping and doing head binkies galore, then Mama got the camera I stopped. She thinks I'm some kind of performing seal! I mean, really! So I stood still and used my windscreen wiper ears to cover my eyes until she gave up.

Then I decided I would do something nice for Uncle Richard, I would do some cleaning! Lick, lick here, lick, lick there, I was licking just about everywhere. Mama found this very funny and I let her film me some. (see video!) Stooopid hoomin only filmed it sideways, didn't she?! Too much Ribena I think, it's her own fault, she should have shared that delicious juice with me!

So I'm home now and sure as pie, I save those poops for home!! I've been poopin' like a good 'un! I kept uncle Richard's carpet clean, Mama said she wishes I had such good manners at home, NAR NAR NA NAR NAR!!!

I just realised that i forgot to ask to see Uncle richard's car-pets. *thump* Does anyone know what car-pets are?

HELLO TO JANE!! Mama said you sorted out your broad beans and could read my stories now! I hope you like them!

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