Thursday, 12 June 2008


Mama has been acting sooo strange for the last 24 hours! She keeps doing silly dancing, singing and doing more Circles Of Love around me than usual! When she sings, she goes "Uuuuuuuno! Uuuuuuuno!" What on earth is she going on about?

I showed my disapproval at her singing by weeing on the sofa. I made sure I did this while she had gone to the toilet, and I was back on the floor when she returned. I'm a clever bunny because I know she can't scald me if she doesn't catch me committing the crime! These two foots think they are very clever but really, they are so dumb!

Mama did a wash today and there was a big pile of Mama's pants on the floor, I threw them around! I hate girl pants, all those silly colours and lace twimmings! I gave them a dig too, I like a little dig now and then but I'm not a big digger, I'm far to lazy.

Mama is doing her silly drawing again, she's been doing them most nights, they look nice, they are sumfing to do with hearts but they don't look like hearts to me. Silly hoomins.

Mama and Daddy were whispering about me moving! What does this mean? Am I being rehomed?! Don't they love me anymore? I don't understand! I broke up this terrible conversations by throwing some binkies into the mix and the two-foots went "ahhhhh" and forgot all about the bad things they were saying. I hope they don't want me to move out, I like it here!

I'll never wee on the sofa again, I pwomise!

Mama said that a lady called Jane is excited to read my blog, her Broad Bean is broken and she can't read it yet. I'm going to send her lots of bunny kisses when she gets to read it! If Mama makes me move out, I'm going to ring Jane!


Sir Bobbin a.k.a Duddits, THuddits, Sloberdam & Bunting! said...

Oh no Carlton - surely they're not kicking you out!! Yous are too cute for that, and I am a boy! *blushes*

Moving swiftly on... if you were to be out on your ear, I hear Jane is the woman to go to. You can live in her wonderful shanty town.... yeerr maann!!!

Tha Bobster x

Fudge said...

uno!!!!! carltons moving???!!!!
mummy says there is palace space but not sure she would cope with your widdling on the sofa....